Introduction to Sports Stress Injuries (3 CE hours)


Course Description
This course will enable you to identify the symptoms of common sports injuries including stress fractures of the foot, shin splints, tendonitis, runner’s knee, hamstring injuries, tennis elbow, head injuries etc. In addition to the symptoms, the course includes suggestions for massage treatment.

Educational Objectives
Upon completion of this home study continuing education course, the massage practitioner should be able to:

  • List common stress injuries by sport.
  • Describe appropriate massage treatments for stress injuries.
  • Describe Athletic Heart Syndrome and how it relates to cardivascular health.
  • List at least four Non-Abrasive Skin Conditions you might encounter as a massage therapist working with athletes.

This course is presented for educational purposes only. It was developed and marketed specifically for massage therapists that are required to obtain continuing education hours for licensing purposes. The author is not giving medical, legal or other professional advice.

This course is classified as “Cognitive” learning, meaning that there is no hands-on portion.