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I don’t know how to access the courses I just paid for
Log into the website with your user name and password. Go to the Student Portal link in the menu, then click the name of the course. You will see all of the lessons for that course displayed, just click “Start the Course.”

The website says I can’t access my course because I’m not logged in.
This is either a problem with the “cookie” a file our website puts in your device so the website recognizes that you are a member, or your device has an older “cached” version of the website on it.  This is easy to fix. Just log out of the website completely, put your browser in “Private” or “Incognito” mode, and try logging in again. That should take care of it, but if it doesn’t, erase your recent browser history and try these steps again.

I registered but I never received the email to change my password.
The email that goes out is automated, and some ISPs (your internet service provider) thinks that makes them SPAM.  So check in your email SPAM Folder. If you are using GMAIL it might be in a folder called “PROMOTIONS.” If you still can’t find it, email me using the contact form below and I will email it to you myself.

The name on the certificate is wrong, or not there at all.
The name comes from your “User Profile” on the website. Log in and look for the Dashboard. You should be able to easily change your name there under “Account Details.” If you can’t find it, just email me and I will change it for you in the system so that all of your certificates will have the right name.

I paid for courses before September 20, 2020, and I don’t see them here. Can I still take them?
Of course! We updated our website with a new system on September 20, 2020, so if you bought courses before that and haven’t used them we have to add them to your account manually. All you have to do is register on this page by creating a user name and password and then email us using the form below and ask us to load the courses you bought previously.

I need my hours reported to 
We do that automatically if your address is in Georgia, South Carolina or Florida. If you live in a different state but have a license for one of these states, just use the contact form below to let me know so I can report it for you.

If you still need help and none of these solutions apply you can contact me using the email form below, or you can call my office at (209) 777-6305 Monday -Friday 10 am -5 pm PST.