About Us

We are a school of adult continuing education and an online provider of continuing education courses for massage therapists. Our goal is to help you get the courses you need for recertification and/or license renewal as easy as possible. As massage therapists, we believe in stress reduction, and that is the philosophy that guides our continuing education program as well as our massage practice. We don’t believe learning has to be stressful.

On this website, we have 40+ courses (over 100 hours) that you can take immediately with no waiting. Our online courses are ebooks that you can read on this website or download to your computer. Our tests are passable, and if you need help downloading them or taking the course online you can always call us for support during our business hours.

We believe that your education as a Massage Therapist begins in Massage School but does not end there. Our mission is to provide the best continuing education courses we can, via the most convenient and accessible medium of learning the world has ever known, the Internet.

We know that you need to get your CE hours done for license and certification renewal deadlines so we do our best to get you what you need as quickly as possible. Our online tests are completely automated (it grades it for you as you take it) and if you need technical help we can always be reached by phone (it’s a direct line, not a machine).

Board Approved Provider

School Policies

In-Course Time Requirement
In order to award continuing education hours as an online provider, we are required to make sure the students spend the appropriate amount of time logged-in and reading the course. For this reason, you cannot take the test until you have been logged in to the course for a reasonable amount of time.

12 Hour Daily Limit
Please be aware that you can only complete 12 hours of continuing education courses in one day.  If you exceed this limit we will delete the certificates from your account, which will void the verification code on any certificates you have already downloaded and the licensing board will not be able to verify them.

Students enroll in the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute with the purchase of one or more of our continuing education courses.

The Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute has open enrollment, meaning that new students can enroll at any time. All of our courses are cognitive home study courses.

Deadlines For Registration
There are no registration deadlines for our courses. You can start right away.

Please be aware that we do not give refunds. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the means of accessing the courses that you have purchased and that they meet your state’s licensing requirements. Please be aware that state laws change all of the time, and it is the responsibility of the licensee (that’s you) to know what educational programs are accepted by their licensing board.

Your Certificate of completion and updated transcript
Your Certificate of completion will be available for download on the website immediately after successfully completing a course.  You may request a transcript through the website and it will be emailed to you within 24 hours.