Well Florida it’s massage license renewal time…again.

If you are an LMT in Florida you know that the state requires you to take the SAME courses every two years. Those mandated courses are:

Massage therapy ethics (roles and boundaries)
Florida Massage therapy rules and laws
Prevention of Medical errors
Human Trafficking

Massage therapists can save time and money by taking our online continuing education courses for massage therapists. They are approved by the Florida state board and the National Certification board (NCBTMB). They are quick and easy to complete, you can do them on a computer or smartphone at your own pace, and you can even do them in between clients while working.

3 hr $25

Human Trafficking: Awareness and Reporting

This is the required Florida Human Trafficking course required for all massage therapists.

3 hrs for $25

Florida Massage Therapy Laws and Rules 3 hr

This is the mandatory Rules and Laws course for Florida Massage License renewal.

3 hrs for $25

Prevention of Medical Errors

This course is designed to assist massage therapists in developing habits and awareness that will lead to a reduced number of medical errors.

3 hrs for $25

Massage Therapy Roles and Boundaries

This course is a review of the ethical standards for massage therapy, with an outline of appropriate roles and boundaries in a massage therapy practice.

The internet is a wonderful thing. It allows you to study at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home, so you never have to worry about missing class or feeling overwhelmed by the number of students in the room. You can also access courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that if it’s midnight and you have an idea for how to improve your massage therapy skills, all it takes is a few clicks on your keyboard to get started with continuing education!

One of the biggest benefits of online learning is that you can work at your own pace and around your schedule. This means that if you have a busy schedule, or just want to take things at a slower pace, it’s easy to do so with an online course.

If you’re working full-time and trying to balance family life with continuing education requirements, this flexibility is invaluable. You might even find yourself able to finish courses faster than some people who are attending classes in person!

With an online course, there are no travel costs or time spent commuting between school locations–you can simply log into the program when it’s convenient for you! You can even do it on your smartphone while you are at work, waiting for your next client.

If you need “Hands-on” courses please check out our good friends at the LMT Success Group!


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