Course Evaluation

    Which course are you Evaluating?

    1. What was the degree of ease in communicating with the provider regarding home study materials?

    2. What is the quality of the home study materials? (For example, are they professional in appearance? Is their information accurate? Are they free of typos?)

    3. How well did the provider supply adequate support for content questions?

    4. How would you rate the quality of the handouts and manuals?

    5. Were the unit objectives supported by the home study materials?

    6. How well was feedback given to the participants regarding their progress throughout the course?

    7. Was all testing (quizzes, exams, and/or other assignments) carried out in a private and secure manner?

    8. Were grades given to participants in a timely manner?

    9. Did the content of the course lend itself to a home study format? In other words, were learning outcomes easily attained by means of this format?

    10. Please fill in the comment box below with any specific feedback.