Massage for the Laboring Woman (6 CE hours)


Course Description
This course covers the fundamental basics of prenatal massage. It also covers the physiological changes of pregnancy, prenatal massage contraindications and comfort and support measures that can be employed during a massage to relieve the discomfort of pregnancy.

Educational Objectives
Upon completion of this home study continuing education course, the massage practitioner should be able to:

  • Describe what comfort measures can be taken to make the massage more beneficial for pregnant women.
  • List the physiological changes during pregnancy.
  • Describe the physiology of labor, including the muscles used and the origin of the pain involved.
  • Identity the Swedish massage techniques useful for treating laboring women.
  • List safe positions for the laboring woman to receive massage.
  • Identify the different stages of labor and which massage techniques are appropriate for each one.

This course is presented for educational purposes only. It was developed and marketed specifically for massage therapists that are required to obtain continuing education hours for licensing purposes. The author is not giving medical, legal or other professional advice.

This course is classified as “Cognitive” learning, meaning that there is no hands-on portion.