General Courses

3 hr $25

Human Trafficking: Awareness and Reporting

This is the required Florida Human Trafficking course required for all massage therapists.

3 hrs for $25

Research Literacy for Massage Therapists

An introduction to the world of academic and scientific research for the massage therapist.

3 hrs for $25

Out-Call Safety

This course will enable you to incorporate out-call massage to your practice with minimal personal risk.

3 hrs for $25

Advanced Body Mechanics

This course will enable you to identify improper body mechanics, which can lead to a work-related injury, a major reason why massage therapists cease to practice.

3 hrs for $25

Fundamentals of Hot Stone Massage

The course shows the student how hot stone massage techniques can be incorporated into holistic therapeutic practice.

3 hrs for $25

Fundamentals of Aromatherapy Massage

This course is designed to offer detailed information about aromatherapy massage applications, safety guidelines, blending tips, and essential oil descriptions.