Attention Law Enforcement Officers

Our company, the Somatic Arts and Sciences Institute, is a provider of continuing education for Massage Therapists. One of our courses is Human Trafficking: Awareness and Reporting and that course has two goals:

  1. To educate massage therapists on how to identify illicit massage businesses that are fronts for Human Trafficking and how to report them to the authorities.
  2. To provide internet-accessible native language resources to victims of Human Trafficking that are isolated by their inability to speak English and lack of knowledge about their rights in the United States.

As part of that second goal, we have created pages on our website in Chinese, Korean, Russian and Spanish that detail what Human Trafficking is and how to get help. We have also included on those pages a picture such as the one below, with instructions to download it to their phone and present it to the Police or a Fireman.










If someone approaches you with this picture, please do not send them away as they may have nowhere else safe to go.

Please take them to a shelter and follow up with them to free any other victims that may be held as well.  It is our sincere hope that this outreach effort will help you liberate any victims of human trafficking that see it.

Thank you!