Ethics Courses

3 hrs for $25

Continuity of Care in Massage Therapy

An introduction to the concept of continuity of care, a health care philosophy and practice that emphasizes interdisciplinary referrals and appropriate client transfer practices.

3 hrs for $25.00

Understanding Power Differential in Massage Therapy

This course explores the power differential that exists in the therapeutic massage relationship and will address the ethical problems that could arise as a result.

3 hrs for $25

Managing Dual Relationships

This course will enable you to identify the potential ethical problems that could arise when you are providing services to people who could also be considered your friends.

3 hrs for $25

Confidentiality and the Massage practice

This course covers the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as it relates to providing massage treatment in a medical office, and includes a review of basic confidentiality ethics.

3 hrs for $25

Transference and Countertransference in Massage Therapy

This course reviews the psychological phenomenon known as transference and countertransference and how it applies to the client practitioner relationship in therapeutic massage.

3 hrs for $25

Cultural Sensitivity for Massage Therapists

This course covers the important role that cultural conditioning plays in the acceptance of massage therapy as a health discipline.

3 hrs for $25

Ethics in Massage Marketing

This course is designed to offer an overview of the ethical concerns in massage advertising such as exaggerated effectiveness, inappropriate words and images, misleading treatment names, etc

3 hrs for $25

Massage Therapy Roles and Boundaries

This course is a review of the ethical standards for massage therapy, with an outline of appropriate roles and boundaries in a massage therapy practice.